Be part of the bee community

There are a wealth of opportunities to participate in efforts to understand and protect bees and their environment! Some involve simply counting and identifying pollinators; others offer more in-depth projects.

Lend your skills and a little time to the SBA!

Volunteering in your bee club is a great way to learn and make contacts as you support your club. Read through Joe Lewis' brief article on the 52 most important people in your bee club, and you'll see yourself in at least one of those roles, or identify another project that excites you.

Central Maryland Beekeepers Association

The Central Maryland Beekeepers Association provides several volunteer opportunities for non-beekeepers, beginners, and experienced beekepers.

The Bee Informed Partnership

This University of Maryland-based organization gathers survey data from thousands of beekeepers every season to understand how different management practices affect honey bee health, and reports their findings back to the industry.

The Bee Informed Partnership also manages the Sentinel Apiary Project and the Hive Scale Program to monitor hive health and disease.

The Great Sunflower Project

Counting pollinators is something that anyone can do! The Great Sunflower Project uses data submitted by hundreds of thousands of members, to track trends in pollinator populations.

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

The Xerces Society hosts several projects that use publicly submitted data to inform conservation projects. The page links to dozens more citizen science projects.