Upcoming Events

SBA May meeting

May 10, 2017, 7PM

Cybil Preston: State of Affairs and Inspection Program

Note Location: Steppingstone Farm Museum

See the meetings page for more details.

Intermediate Beekeeping Lessons & Practices

April 30–October 1, 2017

Intended for beekeepers who would benefit from mentored hands-on experience. Each lesson will consist of an in-depth discussion on a specific timely topic, followed by practical demonstrations in the apiary.

$25 per lesson

Location: Maryland Agriculture Resource Center (MARC), Cockeysville

Visit the Maryland Agriculture Resource Center (MARC) site for information and to register.

Eastern Apicultural Society Conference

July 31–August 4, 2017

University of Delaware, Newark DE

The EAS annual conference offers a wealth of opportunities to learn about bees and beekeeping.

For more information and to register, visit their website.


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2016-2017 SBA Board Members:

Jason Rubin, President
Charles Thomas, Vice President
Charles Filburn, Secretary
Pat Endres, Treasurer
Harry Dutcher, Past President

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Photo credits throughout: Dennis Hertzog, Brian Greenlee, Todd Cichonowicz

The goal of the SBA is to educate association members and the public about honeybees, beekeeping and related arts, to provide a resource for established beekeepers, to aid new beekeepers in bee management techniques, to inform the public about the value of honeybees, and to promote beekeeping in general!

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Interesting New York Times article: Why Honeybees Are Good at Grooming (It's All in the Hair)

The SBA Young Beekeepers Grants were recently awarded. This year's recipients, Laura O'Leary and Noah, are featured on the young beekeepers award page. Congratulations to Noah and Laura!

Joe Lewis was recently interviewed for the Beekeepers Corner. Take a look at the YouTube video!

Get ready for spring! A new installment of Bob Crouse's notes from the apiary is available on the member articles page. Also, the 5th edition of the Tools for Varroa Management, from the Honey Bee Health Coalition, is now available.

Randy Oliver's Scientific Beekeeping articles page was recently updated, providing a rich resource for new and veteran beekeepers. His articles summarize research from dozens of peer-reviewed and largely open access sources.

A free bee health app developed by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry provides pictures and information about bee pests and diseases, as well as recommended management practices. Free to download for Android and iOS.

Learn from your fellow bee (keepers)

Explore resources from SBA members and meeting speakers, including articles and videos about bees and beekeeping, in the two sections under 'keeping bees,' above. Newly posted is Todd Cichonowicz's time lapse bee video, which must be seen to be believed!

Bee Informed, Sentinel Apiary, and Hive Scales

Susquehanna Beekeepers participate in The Bee Informed Partnership, The Sentinel Apiary Project, and the Hive Scale Program. Click on the photo to check out our hive!