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SBA holiday party!

6:30PM December 10, 2019 at MaGerk's

Payment is required in advance.

Young Beekeeper Grant applications are now being received.

See this page for details.

Oxalic acid dribble and hive wrap demonstration

December 7, 2019, 11AM

Steppingstone Farm Museum, Havre de Grace

MSBA Winter Meeting

February 15, 2020 9AM–4:30PM

Harford Community College

See the MSBA site for details.

Beekeeping short course

Fridays February 28–April 17 2020, 7–9PM

Harford Community College

See the courses page for details.


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2018-2019 SBA Board Members:

Jason Rubin, President
Charles Thomas, Vice President
Douglas Shuman, Secretary
Jason Rosenzweig, Treasurer
Harry Dutcher, Past President

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Photo credits throughout: Dennis Hertzog, Brian Greenlee, Todd Cichonowicz

The goal of the SBA is to educate association members and the public about honeybees, beekeeping and related arts, to provide a resource for established beekeepers, to aid new beekeepers in bee management techniques, to inform the public about the value of honeybees, and to promote beekeeping in general!

SBA apparel is now available. Check out the Bee Board for details.

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Keep up with Jason Rubin's Bee-Minder notes here.

Young Beekeeper Grant awardee Zoey works on her hive. The SBA is now accepting applications for its 2020 YOUNG BEEKEEPER Grant. This program has become quite successful over the past 5+ years and introduces students age 14-18 to the world of honeybees, pollination and bee-friendly plants. By providing basic hardware for establishing a beehive along with adult mentorship, the SBA has helped local high school aged students (and their families) become responsible beekeepers. Follow this link to download the Grant parameters and application. The 2020 application deadline is January 17, 2020.

Interestingly, it appears that bees can discern each other's age and rank by scent, as reported in a recent article.

Pat Endres, SBA member, shared photos and a video of his "Tower of Power," a hive started from a swarm last fall that has turned into a major producer. Photos and a video here.

Learn from your fellow bee (keepers)

Explore resources from SBA members and meeting speakers, including articles and videos about bees and beekeeping, in the two sections under 'keeping bees,' above.

Bee Informed, Sentinel Apiary, and Hive Scales

Susquehanna Beekeepers participate in The Bee Informed Partnership, The Sentinel Apiary Project, and the Hive Scale Program.