Supporting pollinators

Organizations throughout the country are working to reverse the decline in the pollinator population. They provide useful resources for learning about these critical links in our food chain, as well as opportunities for you to help their ongoing efforts.

Pollen Color Chart

Ever wondered where your bees found that bright orange pollen? and what's the green stuff? Thanks to Johnny Banks at Metro Beekeepers in Fort Worth, we have a Pollen Color Chart so that you can amaze your friends and have a better feel for what your bees are up to.

For more help in sorting through your pollen questions, make sure to take a look at what's blooming, using this handy chart from Arthur and Barbara Gruver, adapted by a member of the York Co Beekeepers Assoc (PA). This chart accompanies Art Gruver's list of plants for bee forage in Northern Maryland.

Pollinator Partnership

The Pollinator Partnership provides planting guides and extensive information about pollinators.

Government agencies

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides dozens of pages of information, educational materials, and volunteer opportunities.

The USDA and forest service maintain an extensive resource collection, including guides for gardeners.

ProFlowers guide

ProFlowers offers a flower pollination resource guide that includes details of flower anatomy and corresponding pollinator attributes.