Applications will be accepted for the Young Beekeeper Grant in January 2019

SBA young beekeeper grant awardee receives:

  • One bottom board
  • One or more deep hive bodies with frames and foundation
  • One inner cover
  • One telescoping cover

Download grant application (pdf)

North Harford High School Hive Update

North Harford High School's newly granted bee hive is doing very well making and capping an abundance of brood and storing plenty of honey for its residents! A local Harford County swarm was rescued and transferred to North Harford on May 28th to acclimate to their new home. Bees were transferred to their permanent enclosure on June 7th under the expertise of Gracie Goetz, Young Beekeeper Grant recipient from 2016, who continues to care for the NHHS bees. The hive boxes were given as part of the SBA Young Beekeepers award and were painted by the NHHS Art Guild. This beehive will be used for student research, exploration and experimentation. North Harford High School is very grateful for the collaboration with the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association and Dennis Hertzog's mentorship, and hopes to educate future generations about the importance of pollinators and the wonders of raising honeybees.

Announcing the 2017 winners of the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association Young Beekeeper Grant!

Jason Gallion, Agricultural Specialist in the office of Governmental and Community Relations of Harford County, presents a check for the total of several grants awarded to the SBA, including funding for the Young Beekeeper Grant. Noah, this year's award recipient, displays the check for the club.
Mrs. Laura O'Leary, Agricultural and Science Educator at North Harford High School, received another Young Beekeepers Award to support an on-campus apiary for educational purposes; she aims to teach students about the care and nurture of a bee hive as well as the challenges that our pollinators face.

If you are 14 to 18 years of age, residing in the Harford or Cecil County area, and are interested in beekeeping, you are eligible to apply for the SBA Young Beekeeper Grant! This ongoing grant is offered to promote interest in beekeeping among young adults.

Grant recipients will be assigned a beekeeping mentor and will receive a starter set of equipment. With encouragment, advice, and support from the SBA community, the grant recipient will set up and maintain their own apiary in the months following the deadline.

Previous recipients:
2016: Gracie
2015: Alan
2014: Joshua, Madison, and Patrick
2013: Micayla and Laura
Laura working in the hive