Bee Board

The Bee Board is a place for SBA members to list beekeeping related items for sale, or to give away.

Provide a short description and contact information (prices optional). Listings persist for one month unless otherwise notified.

To post, SBA members can contact the webkeeper at

Susquehanna Beekeepers Association Bee Board

For Sale, For Rent, For Free, For Trade

T-shirts, hats, and hoodies with the SBA logo$15 for shirts and hats, $36 for hoodiesDownload the order form and pick up your items at the next SBA meeting. Email Frohmut Fiand at or call (443) 823-9209 for details.
Beebee trees, snapdragons, and black willow bushesContact DennisContact Dennis Hertzog at or (443) 866-8503
Beeswax, about 25 poundsContact MarkCall or text Mark at (443) 846-6575
Drawn comb on deep framestrade for new frame and foundationCall Matthew Ponter (410) 790-5828