Upcoming Events

SBA January meeting

January 10, 2018, 7PM
LOCATION: Fallston United Methodist Church

Ray Walker: Broodminder hive monitoring system

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Applications for the SBA Young Beekeeper Grant are due January 31, 2018

See the Young Beekeeper Grant page for forms and details.

Beekeeping short course

March 2, 2018–April 13, 2018 (Fridays) 7PM–9PM

$50 per person. More information on the Classes and Workshops page.


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2017-2018 SBA Board Members:

Jason Rubin, President
Charles Thomas, Vice President
Charles Filburn, Secretary
Doug Shuman, Treasurer
Harry Dutcher, Past President

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Photo credits throughout: Dennis Hertzog, Brian Greenlee, Todd Cichonowicz

The goal of the SBA is to educate association members and the public about honeybees, beekeeping and related arts, to provide a resource for established beekeepers, to aid new beekeepers in bee management techniques, to inform the public about the value of honeybees, and to promote beekeeping in general!

SBA apparel is now available. Check out the Bee Board for details.

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The SBA Young Beekeeper Grant program is a great way for a young person to get started in beekeeping! the grant provides mentorship and some equipment. See details on the Young Beekeeper Grant page.

The common New Zealand Christmas Tree, or Pohutukawa, begins its blooming cycle in early December. Photo was recently taken in Devonport on NZ's north island by SBA member Dennis Hertzog.

Joe Lewis discusses use of the JZs BZs Plastic Queen Cage in a recent article available here and on our page of articles written by SBA members.

Got honey? Members can take advantage of the SBA Honey Extraction Equipment Loan Program. Contact John Knapstein at (410) 692-9823 to schedule equipment pickup. Extractors, uncapping knives and tubs, and strainers are available.

Some interesting observations on thermogregulation and humidity in winter bee hives challenge common beliefs about ventilating hives.

Learn from your fellow bee (keepers)

Explore resources from SBA members and meeting speakers, including articles and videos about bees and beekeeping, in the two sections under 'keeping bees,' above. Newly posted is Joe Lewis' article on the JZs BZs queen cage.

Bee Informed, Sentinel Apiary, and Hive Scales

Susquehanna Beekeepers participate in The Bee Informed Partnership, The Sentinel Apiary Project, and the Hive Scale Program. Click on the photo to check out our hive!