Upcoming Events

SBA September meeting

September 12, 2018, 7:00PM

Andrew Kness: pesticide residue in hives

Steppingstone Farm Museum

See the meetings page for more details.

Lecture by Devra Kitterman: The Pollinator Crisis and what you can do to help"

September 15, 2018 11AM–12PM

Havre de Grace Maritime Museum

Directions and more details on the museum website.

Steppingstone Harvest Festival: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

September 29 and 30, 2018

Details on the museum website.

Maryland Agricultural Resource Council Intermediate Beekeeping Course

April 29, 2018–September 30, 2018 (Sundays) 11AM–2PM

Instruction and hands-on lessons for intermediate beekeepers, covering a full season of beekeeping.

See the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council site for more information and to register.


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2017-2018 SBA Board Members:

Jason Rubin, President
Charles Thomas, Vice President
Charles Filburn, Secretary
Doug Shuman, Treasurer
Harry Dutcher, Past President

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The goal of the SBA is to educate association members and the public about honeybees, beekeeping and related arts, to provide a resource for established beekeepers, to aid new beekeepers in bee management techniques, to inform the public about the value of honeybees, and to promote beekeeping in general!

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Hearty congratulations to one of our "Young Beekeepers," Lina Goetz! She won "Senior Champion" at this year's Harford County Farm Fair 4-H division for her jar of honey. She also took a 1st place ribbon for her bees wax candles. EXCELLENT JOB!!

A new version of the Honeybee Health Coalition Tools for Varroa Management is available and is linked from the science/bees page.

Harry Dutcher's presentation on Varroa Management (May 2018) is available on the past speakers page.

Locally relevant and informative posters created by young beekeepers working on capstone projects with SBA members are available on the Young Beekeeper Grant page.

A recent story in the Economist discusses Bee Health Guru, an app that profiles sounds emitted by a honeybee colony to determine its health status.

The Baltimore Sun's Harford Magazine recently profiled several SBA beekeepers, including Lloyd Snyder, John Knapstein, Jane Kulh, Drew Denton, Jason Rubin, and Alan Cohen. Take a look at the article (and photos) here!

Learn from your fellow bee (keepers)

Explore resources from SBA members and meeting speakers, including articles and videos about bees and beekeeping, in the two sections under 'keeping bees,' above. Newly posted is Joe Lewis' article on the JZs BZs queen cage.

Bee Informed, Sentinel Apiary, and Hive Scales

Susquehanna Beekeepers participate in The Bee Informed Partnership, The Sentinel Apiary Project, and the Hive Scale Program. Click on the photo to check out our hive!