Transcripts, video and other resources from past SBA meeting speakers

The SBA recruits knowledgeable and experienced speakers for the monthly meetings. Enjoy this treasure trove of videos and transcripts from those speakers, and attend upcoming meetings to learn even more. Links are downloadable pdfs unless indicated as YouTube videos.

Harry Dutcher
April 2019
Swarm Seducer (pdf)
Kelly Kulhanek
March 2019
Sentinel Apiary Program (pdf)
Harry Dutcher
May 2018
Varroa Management (pdf)
Dewey Caron
March 2017
Good News for beekeepers (notes, pdf)
YouTube video
Dennis vanEngelsdorp
March 2016
Drivers of colony losses in Maryland
Deborah Delaney
January 2016
Let's give them something to pollinate about! (YouTube link)
Jeremy Barnes
November 2015
When 1 + 1 = 4: Summary of recent thinking on the synergism among pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, and its effect on honey bees
Jeremy mentions two critical scientific studies. Both reports are in the public domain and can be downloaded here as pdfs:
Mullin et al, PlOS One 2010 study on miticides and agrochemicals in beehives, pollen and wax
Washingtion State University's fact sheet on Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Honey Bees
Keith Jardine
October 2015
Innovative Beekeeping For Backyard Beekeepers - Techniques and Club Programs (YouTube link)
Allen Hayes
September 2015
Gadgets You Could Keep Bees Without, But Won't Want To
Kirsten Traynor
June 2015
Two presentations: "Pesticides and Honeybee Health," and "Honey: From Blossom to Table"
Joe Lewis
April 2015
Sustainable Beekeeping through Nucleus Colonies (YouTube)